Ben PIENIAZEK – BSc(Hons) M.Ost  <br> Registered Osteopath

Having the knowledge and ability to really make a difference is very rewarding

Ben PIENIAZEK – BSc(Hons) M.Ost
Registered Osteopath
Ben PIENIAZEK - BSc(Hons) M.Ost
Registered Osteopath
GOsC Registered Osteopath

Ben Pieniazek – Registered Osteopath

Ben qualified as an Osteopath from the BSO (British School of Osteopathy) in 2010, achieving a distinction level grade. He previously graduated from Bristol University in 2005 with a BSc degree in Anatomical Sciences. Ben participates in a wide range of sporting activities when his young daughter affords him the time!

Ben really enjoys the variety and challenges that working with patients brings. He is keen that people understand the reasons behind their pain/symptoms and encourages them to take control of their condition with self management techniques and tailored lifestyle advice alongside in-depth treatment.

Ben is practising and developing his interest in functional neurology, a method of diagnosis and treatment which can help patients suffering from all manner of chronic musculoskeletal problems. He also offers Dry Needling, a natural method of relieving pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction

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