As well as providing specialist care and advice for diabetic and arthritic patients. Our podiatrists are skilled in areas such as sports injuries and biomechanics (MSK) which helps in the diagnosis of a wide range of foot, lower limb and back pain.


With our Specialist Podiatry Service we provide patients with modern alternative treatments to long-term problems. From our well-established, but unique ‘Painless Nail Surgery’, with the Wand Machine® to Curanail® treatment for Onychomycosis, unsightly, stubborn fungal nail, that just won’t go.

We’re also currently trialing the British made,  VP® Plasma Verrucae pen, which has proven to be really effective in the treatment of long term verrucae.

Ingrown toenails, we know from experience, are a really painful problem. Stubborn ones may need constant attention, or even nail surgery. However we’ve been really pleased with the results of  Onyfix®Painfree nail correction system as a natural way of encouraging deformed nails to grow correctly.

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