Whole body tension release

Ancient Healing

The Early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples first practiced it, discovering that the systems of the body were reflected or ‘mirrored’ on the soles of the feet- from the smallest cell to the largest organ.

Modern Healing

Reflexology remains a powerful natural health science that studies the relationship of the reflex areas in the feet, to the rest of the body. These areas are worked on with both fingers and thumbs to improve and maintain good health. .


The Reflexologist applies pressure to points of the feet which relate to problem areas of the body. This stimulation results in an invigorating, rapid response throughout the body, positively affecting, physical, mental and emotional issues.


Reflexology helps to remove imbalances in your body – and in doing so stimulates the body to heal itself.
Reflexology is not a ‘cure-all’ but it can help to improve quality of life for those with life threatening diseases.

Reflexology can Help with


Back Conditions



Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

Hay Fever

High Blood Pressure
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Kidney Disorders
Mood/Emotional Swings

PMT/PMS/Menopausal problems
Pregnancy (helps lower blood pressure & shorten labour)

Sinus Disorders

What to expect

Each appointment lasts up to one hour, during which previous medical history is discussed, as well any current issues. Once the practitioner has established the problem area, she begins treatment with a firm, but relaxing massage on each foot. Pressure is then concentrated on the points of your foot which relate to the areas of weakness and pain, although the treatment itself is not painful, in fact it’s usually described as ‘very relaxing’, with a rapid energising response often experienced, Reflexology can be of benefit with a variety of problems, but is particularly good for removing the effects of stress and anxiety – the biggest cause of illness and disease today.

Reflexology Price: 1st appointment – 1 hour £45
Follow up appointments – 3/4 hour £40