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Birth is one of the most stressful events of life. An infant is subjected to enormous pressure, with the soft skull being moulded and the head twisted and turned during the force of contractions.

Compression causes the soft bones to overlap, and whilst some are relieved spontaneously after birth when the baby suckles or cries, with a difficult birth , such as forceps, caesarean or extended labour, this might not happen. These infants often benefit from treatment by a qualified osteopath and many midwives and health visitors also recommend an Osteopathic check up shortly after birth, to prevent the development of problems associated with cranial compression.

The secondary effects of unresolved cranial compressions are wide ranging and can lead to:

Unsettled behaviour

General irritability

Muscle spasms

Sleeping difficulties

Excess mucous

Feeding difficulties

Excessive crying

Digestive problems

When you book your ante-natal Osteopathic check up, book one for your baby too!

As they grow

As toddlers become children and children teenagers,  their bodies undergo many rapid changes. Whilst most adapt, sometimes problems relating to growth spurts, hormonal imbalance, stresses and strains, mental and physical don’t resolve, a qualified osteopath can help with some of the problems associated with these conditions.

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Growth problems can include:-

Ear infections

Sinus & dental problems

Behavioural problems

Learning difficulties

Puberty & hormonal problems

Headaches aches & pains

Growing pains

Birth trauma

We can also offer advice on posture or exercises to prevent bad posture becoming a habit.

Gentle Cranial osteopathic treatment aims at relieving tensions and helping the body find its natural balance.

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