What is the Verruca Pen®?

Introducing the Revolutionary British Made Plasma Treatment for Stubborn Verucae

Verruca Pen



  • Verrucae are viral warts from the HPV group of viruses
  • They hide in the layers of the skin and are contagious and difficult to treat
  • Verrucae can appear on their own or in clusters
  • Verrucae can be very painful when you are walking and are even more painful when pinched
  • Verrucae are often confused with corns
what does a chiropodist do?


  • Innovative and virtually painless treatment that is suitable for children and adults
  • The aim of the treatment, as with other verrucae treatments, is to create a micro-trauma that will be recognised by the body’s immune system and generate an improved immune response to destroy the verrucae virus
  • Hard skin around your verrucae is reduced with a blade before treatment. This is a painless process.
  • Using a sterile probe, your verrucae is treated with the VE Verruca Pen®.
  • The tissue of the verruca is destroyed at surface level, leaving your healthy tissue untouched
  • No dressing is required after the treatment
  • There is no residual pain or discomfort after treatment
  • If more treatment is necessary your Podiatrist will advise you of the programme they recommend for you
  • An appointment for this treatment can be booked after your Podiatrist has made sure that you do actually have a verruca and not a corn. They can be difficult to tell apart!
  • The cost of the treatment is the same for one verrucae or numerous, they need not be confined to one foot either.
  • First VE Pen Treatment £110

    30 Minutes

  • Follow Up Appointments £95

    30 Minutes

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