Your body is held together by soft muscle tissue, fascia, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. When they get tense, injured or bruised they don’t work as well, creating problems in the rest of your body; soreness, aches, pains, postural problems and restricted movement, dealing with all these puts you in a bad mood and ultimately affects your health. Sports Massage is an easy way to begin to relieve many of these symptoms and allow your body and you to feel normal again. Sports Massage also helps to break up and remove lactic acid, waste products and toxins, by improving the flow of lymph.

The everyday worker as well as the old and young, can also benefit from regular massage. Improving well-being and life experience by relieving the stresses and tensions of everyday life, before they lead to more serious problems.

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Sports Massage Therapy

Isn’t just for  ‘Sports’! It will help all types of musculo-skeletal problems, wherever they come from: office, building site, sneezing, running, walking etc. In common with most other massage, working in the direction of venous return results in increased circulation, which helps to repair and renew damaged tissues, encouraging muscle growth.

Helen will work through the layers of soft tissue using a number of techniques including stroking, kneading and rolling, particular muscle groups are focused upon and ‘stripped’ of knots and tension at ever deepening levels. These techniques are essential for the serious sports person, whose muscles are trained rigorously, and whose chance of injury is high.

For The Sports Person

Sports at any level can work your body hard. As with anything being used to its capacity, it needs regular maintenance and care to stay in good working order and prevent injury. Regular Sports Massage releases tight muscles, the cause of  tears, strains, RSI, etc and generally improves suppleness and performance. Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) are also used to help with developing flexibility, lengthening shortened fibres and releasing tight areas of the body, these techniques are essential for the serious sports person, whose muscles are trained rigorously, and whose chance of injury is high.

Sports massage speeds up injury recovery, improves performance and supports your body between competitions.


For Seniors

Years of bad posture, repeated movements and  old injuries take a toll on our bodies. As a result seniors often suffer the effects of arthritis, joint pain and postural awkwardness. Senior massage can help to relieve restricted and painful muscles,  increasing circulation and range of movement, giving improved elasticity of the skin, pain relief, more flexibility and a better ‘quality of life’.

For Stress Relief

Stress is one of the major problems of our modern world and affecting both mental and physical health. Sports Massage works the tension out from the muscles, releases endorphins and allows you to ‘switch-off’ mentally, giving you a very positive experience that leaves you feeling relaxed, energised and  calm.

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