Homeopathy has been used successfully for more than 200 years worldwide. Its basic principles are clear and simple.

The Principle

Like should be treated with like – a diseased state is cured by a medicine which can produce similar symptoms in a healthy person: Coffee is known to cause sleeplessness and agitation in some people, so when made into a homeopathic medicine, it could be used to treat people with those symptoms. Conventional medicine sometimes uses similar methods, eg: the stimulant Ritalin is used to treat patients with ADHD, or small doses of allergens such as pollen can be used to de-sensitise allergic patients. However, one major difference with homeopathic medicines is that substances are used in ultra high dilutions, which makes them non-toxic.

A picture of tablets being poured on a leaf

What Sort of conditions might be helped?

A wide range of problems: mental, emotional and physical. These include:

  • Childhood disorders e.g. behavioural problems, bedwetting, sleep disturbances, eczema,
    asthma, earaches,allergies, measles, chickenpox & general childhood illnesses
  • Aches and pains in pregnancy
  • Viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Hormonal imbalances e.g. PMT, periods, endometriosis and menopause
  • Skin problems e.g. acne, psoriasis, eczema & Warts
  • Gastro-intestinal related problems e.g. IBS, constipation & indigestion.
  • Environmental reactions, e.g. hayfever, asthma, food intolerance
  • Immune system problems, e.g. glandular fever, ME
  • Infertility
  • Systemic & Debilitating Disorders e.g. Bells Palsy & MS
  • Recurrent illnesses e.g. cystitis, sore throats, migraines, headaches, earache &
  • Stress-related problems: anxiety, phobias
  • Ageing problems: Arthritis, rheumatism


  • Adult First Appointment £90

    up to 1½ Hours

  • Adult Follow Up £50

    up to ½ Hour

  • Child First Appointment (to age 14) £70

    up to 1 Hour

  • Child Follow Up (to age 14) £45

    up to ½ Hour