What is Painless Nail Surgery?

painless nail surgery

Award winning computer assisted anaesthetic delivery system

For over 150 years injections haven’t changed a great deal and the long needle filled with anaesthetic is enough to worry the majority of people. It was this fear that led us to find an award-winning alternative to traditional injections and to be the first in the country to introduce The Wand® Machine for nail surgery.

The Wand®Machine is  computer-controlled and delivers the anaesthetic in a slow, steady flow to numb the toe. The slow delivery means that most patients don’t even know they’ve had an injection! Computer controlled flow rates means automatic control and regulation of the pressure during the injection, delivering anaestheics at a precise and consistent rate below the normal pain thresholds and providing a consistent flow to maximise injection predictability. The machine has 3 speeds, each with a flow rate tailored for each injection technique

The anaesthetic is put into the top of the computer tower until the Podiatrist presses the foot pedal to begin. Hands-free control means that they can then focus on the positioning  of the pen syringe  The Wand handpiece provides unparalleled tactile control and increased comfort with a unique pen-like grasp and feather-like weight, increasing precision and visibility for Podiatrist and reducing anxiety in patients.

As far as we know, we are still the only Podiatry clinic offering painless Nail surgery with the Wand®Machine, patients phone from all over the UK asking to book Nail Surgery here, which can be a problem as driving after the operation is not advised! 

Nail Surgery Is Intended For:

• Ingrown toenail where it penetrates the skin

• Thickened ingrown toenail caused by injury or fungal infection

• Corns occurring underneath

• Acute inflamed bleeding toes

An ingrown toenail has a number of different symptoms which can often be treated during a routine appointment:

  • Pressure pain when walking
  • Painful lateral nail fold
  • The nail thickens and folds inwards
  • Reddening & pain in the toes or folds
  • Pain restricts movement
  • Toe grows hot
  • Possible pyogenesis (pus formation,caused by bacteria)
nail srgery 8

Don’t Book Nail Surgery If:

  •  If you are waiting for an operation.
  • Your nail is infected
  • you are pregnant, or breastfeeding
  • Within 24 hours of having a local anaesthetic

A Typical Ingrown toenail Surgery Timetable

Book a ‘Routine’ ½ hour appointment with one of our Chiropodists. They will check the nail and, in most cases, deal with the problem during this routine appointment. The cost for this is £45 for a new patient or £42 if you are already a chiropody patient with us.

If anaesthetic is necessary to remove part of the nail, the cost will be added on to the appointment.

If surgery is necessary and carried out within a month, of the initial appointment, the £45/£42 cost is deducted from the cost of surgery.

A convenient ingrown toenail Surgery appointment will be booked for:-

1 ¼ hrs for 1 side of the nail

1 ½ hrs for both sides

  • extra time will be booked for two sides/ nails

After Surgery

  •  Wear ‘loose open-toed shoes’. Don’t drive, walk or take public transport. Avoid alcohol.

  • Try to be off your feet for 24 hours

  • Re-dressing appointments will be made at the time. Don’t remove the dressing at all before the first re-dressing appointment. If the wound seeps, put one of the dressings provided,over the top and elevate the foot.

For your information & convenience, please download and read the advice/information regarding your nail surgery using the links below

Before Nail Surgery Advice

After Nail Surgery Advice

  • One side of the Nail removed £325

    (includes initial assessment & 2 Follow-ups)

  • Both sides, or Whole Nail removal £375

    (includes initial assessment & 2 Follow-ups)

  • Double Nail Surgery £55 extra per side

Make an Appointment

You can either make an online appointment or call us to make an appointment: 01293 562601/400011