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How Osteopathy During Pregnancy help

Osteopathy During pregnancy is an enormous physical, chemical and emotional change that takes place over a relatively short period of time. The body has to get used to carrying up to 20lb/10kg of baby, water and placenta, which imposes great physical strain on the organs, tissues, joints and ligaments of the body. Adapting to these changes, your body has to find new ways to walk, sit and sleep, producing new aches and pains and magnifying existing ones. Osteopathy can help your body adjust to these, often painful, changes.

What Associated Symptoms Can Benefit

Osteopathic treatment can help with:-
Aches and pains (back, neck and shoulder pain, muscular tension)
Groin, lower abdominal pain or pubic symphysis pain

Our Osteopaths can also:-
Provide advice on breathing techniques, stretches and exercise to keep healthy throughout your pregnancy
Help prepare you for a more trouble-free childbirth, by improving flexibility in the pelvis and abdomen

Osteopathy after pregnancy can:-
Helps mum recover quicker
Help you regain your strength and flexibility
Check and correct any remaining strains in the back and pelvis

Your baby has also had a pretty traumatic time during the birthing process. Why not bring him/her for an after birth check up?

Osteopathy During Pregnancy