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Osteopathic Techniques

The structural approach is what most people imagine when they think of Osteopathy. Hands-on techniques are used to massage tissue, stretch muscles and move joints to improve function of the body. Techniques are also used that release joints with a click (HVT’s) but not as often as people might think. Certainly if there are techniques which you would rather avoid, this is not a problem; osteopaths are trained in a variety of techniques that can achieve the same results.

Soft Tissue Stretch: Relaxes muscle tension and increases joint mobility, helps improve the circulation of blood and lymph to improve tissue repair, organ function and general health.

  • Joint Manipulation, HVT (High Velocity Thrust): Applying a small, precise amount of pressure to a joint to encourage joint movement. This can result in an audible ‘popping’ sound.
  • Joint Articulation: Gentle, passive stretching, moving affected joints through a range of movements to help restore function and encourage circulation within the joint tissues.
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s): involves using a variety of stretching and pressure techniques, particularly effective in relieving muscles in spasm and improving muscle balance.
  • Myofascial Release: Connective tissue, or fascia, covers every organ of the body. Injury, operations and poor posture etc, can result in fascia becoming tense and restricted, causing pain and discomfort. This technique encourages the fascia to release by focused stretching to help relieve discomfort.
  • Harmonics: Gentle, rhythmical rocking of a joint, is very effective in reducing joint stiffness, improving circulation and tissue repair to the joint and as a result, improving movement.

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