Osteopathic Team








Helen Castle – BSc(Hons) Ost DO 

Helen joined THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE in 2005 as a graduate of the ESO. As an ex-Kent hockey player and keen participant in a wide range of sports over the years, Helen likes to treat sporting injuries. She also enjoys working with all ages of patients, from youngsters to senior citizens. Helen strongly believes that Osteopathy can deal effectively with the detrimental effects of aches and pains caused by the stress of everyday living and working, improving both overall health and enjoyment of life. In addition, Helen has studied the benefits of combining yoga and osteopathy, and has added dry needling to her list of skills which can provide effective pain relief for many conditions. Helen also enjoys teaching the next generation of osteopaths on the undergraduate course at the ESO.

Ben Pieniazek – BSc(Hons) M.Ost  

Ben qualified as an Osteopath from the BSO in 2010, achieving a distinction level grade. He previously graduated from Bristol University in 2005 with a BSc degree in Anatomical Sciences. Ben participates in a wide range of sporting activities when his young daughter affords him the time! Ben really enjoys the variety and challenges that working with patients brings. He is keen that people understand the reasons behind their pain/symptoms and encourages them to take control of their condition with self management techniques and tailored lifestyle advice alongside in-depth treatment.
Ben is practising and developing his interest in functional neurology, a method of diagnosis and treatment which can help patients suffering from all manner of chronic musculoskeletal problems. He also offers Dry Needling, a natural method of relieving pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Karen Snowling – M.Ost

Karen graduated with her Masters Degree in Osteopathy, from the BSO in 2012. She worked in Brisbane, Australia from 2013-2018 and returned to the UK to further her paediatric experience taking the 2 year Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. Karen enjoys seeing patients of all ages, from newborn to 90. She has a lot of experience working with those patients with long-term symptoms whether related to posture, over-use, pregnancy, or other causes. Karen has also taken a particular interest in treating patients with headaches. During treatment Karen may utilise soft tissue massage, joint articulation and mobilisation and cranio-sacral therapy techniques. She also offers Dry Needling, a natural method of relieving pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction


Owen Gibson – M.Ost 

Owen has recently joined the THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE team. He is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) and also holds a Diploma in Medical Science.

Owen enjoys treating patients of all ages and aims to work around their individual lifestyles whilst promoting better health. Owen has had the privilege to experience how osteopathy can be beneficial whilst he treated both Women’s health patients and Children & Maternity patients. This allowed him to take the opportunity to develop these skills further. As a sports massage therapist, Owen has worked within sports that he is passionate about, including treating international windsurfers and rugby players. He is adept in the treatment and management of sporting injuries, often using sports taping for recovery and prevention of any further injury. Owen approaches each patient as an individual, looking at the different factors that have been restricting his patients from thriving, and uses a various range of treatment styles/techniques whilst treating the body as a whole.

Jo Severn – BSc (Hons) Osteopathy 

Jo likes to work as part of THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE team, when she’s ‘in country’! Jo has been registered with GoSC since 2002 when she qualified from the ESO (European School of Osteopathy) in Maidstone. She also trained at the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy in Surrey. Jo has travelled widely, whilst working as an Osteopath and has had her own practices in French Polynesia and Portugal. She treats in a voluntary capacity as an Osteopath throughout Asia.
Jo is also a Pilates for Rehabilitation Instructor and finds this a powerful tool in helping patients return to sport and reducing their chances of injury. She is trained in re-education after childbirth and is a strong believer in delivering personalised care for both mother and child.
Jo provides high quality care through individualised osteopathic treatments using a range of structural, cranial and visceral based approaches to treat all ages and a wide range of symptoms. She believes in looking for the cause of the dysfunction or pain, and adapting the technique to best suit the patient