"Corrects distorted and ingrown nails naturally as they grow"

At THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE we’re always looking for new innovation to help with stubborn, painful, conditions, particularly of the feet, either as an alternative, or to work with, the varied treatments we provide.


Any device we introduce is always well researched. The Specialist Podiatry team then undertake practice and training, before any device is used on patients.


We’re pleased to offer another alternative for painful ingrown, or badly distorted toenails. Not only is the ONYFIX® Nail Correction system safe and effective, it’s also quick, natural and pain free.


Onyfix is completely different from the previous systems because it comes in the form of a mouldable resin that completely adheres to the nail. Rather then using a pulling action it acts as a stabilizer for the nail, and uses the nails natural growth “iron out” the curve. 

PRICES FOR onyfix® - nail correction system

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