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How Cranial Osteopathy Works?

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we operate with cranial osteopathy

Here at The Richards’ Centre we operate with cranial osteopathy that can solve a variety of health conditions and improve your child’s feeding habits and sleep.  

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How Cranial Osteopathy Works?

Can Cranial Osteopathy Calm Babies?

Some parents usually go to the cranial osteopathy clinic in need of help, as they are desperate for treatment for their unwell babies, and also help them get more sleep and improve general health, but how does Cranial Osteopathy work?

It’s an alternative treatment for sick babies which helps to calm them and solve a variety of health conditions, such as improving their sleep pattern. This also involves manipulating the connective tissue and bones of the brain and skull. These movements, will eventually, lead to your baby having excellent health by a balanced symmetry.

What our Osteopaths say:

Our Osteopath team claim that cranial osteopathy is a sub category of osteopathy which is a type of medicine that deals with structure and function. However, the difference with Cranial Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment of the brains and skulls. Our practitioners at The Richards' Centre have been educated to identify ultra-fine rhythm motions that are in the brain and head, they gently apply contact in the exact location to generate balance. This then leads to your baby to improved overall health all over the body.
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The Benefits.

The treatment could help new-borns overcome lingering side effects of a traumatic event such as delivery even if it was a smooth and normal delivery. For example, the treatment helps relieve the tension in the tissues and cranial bones during the birth, as usually, the baby’s neck can be extended while you’re pushing the baby out.
Cranial Osteopathy can also help with the following: Development delays with speech, motor function, etc. Bronchiolitis, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Torticollis (twisted neck), Non-Surgical orthopaedic problems, Plagiocephaly (Flat-head syndrome), Gait Disorders, Ear Infections, Ear, nose, and throat concerns, Poor Sleep , Headaches, Asthma, Seizures


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