However you feel about gardening, let us give you some quick pointers to avoid common injuries so you can get on with enjoying every second of precious sunshine pain-free. 

With the darkest days of winter behind us and the sun starting to peek through the clouds on occasion, many people with green fingers will be itching to get back out into the garden this spring. Even if you’re more ‘don’t bother’ than Monty Don some jobs are unavoidable. 

gardeningIf some pruning is on your to-do list, be it a quick tidy of a small shrub or some more dramatic taming of a boundary hedge using a warm-up routine might be useful- spending 30-60 seconds performing each of the following tasks on both sides: 

Make sure while you’re working not to reach beyond where you feel comfortable, using a ladder or steps if necessary, check they are on a firm, even surface keeping ladders at a 75° angle. 

To avoid feeling sore after you have finished gardening, carry out a few quick stretches: 

gardeningAnother job you might have in mind is digging or turning over flower beds. Begin with a warm up:

Whilst digging make sure the spade/fork is close to your feet to avoid leaning over, push downwards with your foot by engaging the quadriceps muscles (at the front of your thigh), loosen and soil by pushing the handle back to lever it up instead of using your back to lift. Stretches to avoid soreness afterwards include: 

gardeningLastly, you may be thinking about doing some planting

During planting, make sure not to repeatedly stretch to pick up smaller plants rather than moving them closer; if the plants are a bit bigger make sure you lift by bending the knees instead of your back and ask for help if you are lifting heavy or awkward objects. 

If you do feel sore after a hard days’ work gardening, place an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the affected area for up to 10 minutes at a time, as many times as you can, try to rest, and drink plenty of water. 

osteopathsRemember you can always book an appointment for any aches and pains regardless of where they came from, and most of all we hope you get some time out to enjoy your gardens! 

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