Payments can now be made the following ways during your COVID 19 Appointments:

  • Contactless – up to £45 (More with Google & Apple Pay) or the Correct amount of cash in an envelope
  • Unfortunately owing to the cost of PPE equipment there is an additional charge of £2 for all follow up appointments. Now £47 for Osteopathy and £42 for Chiropody.

We do ask

Please complete the COVID-19 form

You will be sent a form via the email confirmation/reminder messages. The form is a simple tick box which needs to be comleted close to the time of each appointment and not days before! Just click the  link which opens a separate window. Once the form is completed it is then stored directly in your information.  

NB It is a stipulated requirement for these forms to be completed.

Completing online saves paper!

What has Changed?

  • We ask you to wait in your car until the time of your appointment, this avoids issues with ‘social distancing’ 
  • Please try to come in at the time of your appointment. 
  • We will take your temperature and record it, on arrival
  • There are Hand Wipes, Sanitizer Gel, gloves and Masks in reception, for your use
  • Sadly the Seating pads in reception have had to be removed
  • Treatment couches no longer have the soft velvet covers.
  • We do ask that you bring towels in for Osteopathic and Massage appointments.
  • We do still have pillows but with special protectors that can be wiped clean, after each patient.

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