Corporate Business

Health care for employees

THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE OSTEOPATHIC TEAM can provide a complete service for the Corporate business sector, helping to avoid unnecessary strains and  injuries.

Government statistics are clear, the number of new cases of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace in Great Britain in 2011/12 was 141,000*.
*Full details of the report can be found at Click here

The main causes recorded were:

• manual handling
• awkward or tiring positions
• keyboard work

The main affects recorded were on:
• muscles
• joints
• tendons

The recorded affects were felt in:
• all parts of the body.

Most work-related MSDs develop over time and can also result from fractures sustained in an accident.


  • For office based staff, our experienced team can come in and evaluate and assess workstations.
  • For those on the shop floor, lifting and handling methods can be assessed and corrected.
  • For those on the move, seating, posture, lifting, handling all play a part


Working with HR, occupational health and the employee,  we  can create  a suitable plan to ensure your employees are back in the work place in an appropriate time frame. If you can provide us with the use of a room, we can offer you and your team an excellent service, with minimum disruption.


Create  an energized and productive work atmosphere with Workplace Massage. Many corporate firms now offer free massage therapy to employees, recognising the incredible benefits a relaxed, ache-free work force can have on company profits. With minimum disruption, we offer you and your staff a fully clothed onsite chair massage, which is enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial. Providing a welcome break to the rigor of the working day, this simple stress management technique is a convenient and affordable way to provide employees with instant job stress relief.
Bespoke to your company’s needs, we can provide WORKPLACE MASSAGE weekly, monthly, occasional or as a one off treat!


We can provide your Business with both routine and Occupational Chiropody. Most of our ‘On Site’ Business customers are visited every 6-8 weeks by THE RICHARDS’ CENTRE TEAM, who provide staff with regular footcare: nail cutting, corn and callus treatments, hard skin removal etc, not only for the ‘feel good’ factor, but also so that any problems are identified and dealt with, as they appear.
Our Occupational Chiropody service provides an individual service for every business, providing advice and help with workplace environments from flooring and footwear to workstations.
Nearly 11,000 workers suffered serious injury as a result of a slip or trip in 2007*
*Full details of the report can be found at Click here


These simple workplace screenings, for anyone over the age of 20, provide immediate results. With a sedentary lifestyle becoming increasingly evident, the risks of this ‘silent killer’ are multiplying. A quick, non invasive test on your workforce, is the opportunity to help identify and prevent further progression. We also give nutrition and exercise advice as part of our service.

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