Show off your feet again, get rid of stubborn, unsightly toenail fungus

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Most Fungal nail problems can be dealt with during routine Chiropody, but sometimes the infection is deeply embedded and nails are discoloured and deformed.  Now you don’t need to hide them away!

Clearanail has been on our radar for a number of years, but we hadn’t really looked into it. That changed when the new version, the Clearanail® Eco Device – Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) was introduced. We’ve been trialling it and have been amazed with the results. What’s more, even though it is available worldwide, it was invented in Brighton.

The Clearanail® Eco Device Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) is used vertically to create numerous small holes in the nail, without penetrating the nail bed. These holes allow fungal medication to reach and penetrate through to the infection where it thrives, in the matrix of the nail.

For each patient we use a SUM (Single Use Micro-Cutter) each one is in a sterile package with a unique code on the outside. Once the blade is in place the code is entered into the keypad of the machine, when the code is accepted, treatment can start. This code is recorded in the notes, the blade is discarded immediately after use, into Clinical waste.

  • First Introduced in 2013 with well documented research,
  • We have the newest model the Clearanail® Eco Device  
  • Effective treatment with almost 80% treatment success.
  • Pain and discomfort free, The blade doesn’t reach the nail bed
  • The machine has an integrated, fully automated, fail safe system.
  • Single-use blades (SUM)  ensure no possibility of cross infection
  • As the treatment mainly works with Onychomycosis fungal infection, we have a 5 minute Fungal nail test to confirm
  • All necessary Terbinafine medications and creams are included in the cost of treatment. These are  for home use, and form an integral part of treatment
  • We also give advice on how to prevent future infections