Biomechanic Assessments

The science of movement

It’s amazing how many people believe that aching or painful, feet, knees or back are a normal part of life and it’s only once the symptoms have improved, through wearing orthotics, that they realise just how much discomfort they were in before

  • Biomechanics: The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.
  • Podiatrist: Medical professionals trained in the treatment of the lower limbs, from the hip down.
  • Gait Analysis: An evaluation of the manner or style of walking.

Podiatric Biomechanics

Combines all the aspects of human biomechanics, dealing specifically with the structure and function of the feet as they relate to the hips, legs and spine.

By watching the way you walk or run, a Biomechanics/Sports Podiatrist is able to monitor the interaction, movement and connection of the lower limbs, from feet, ankle and knee, through to legs and hips.

What Happens in an Assessment

As part of the assessment might be on our treadmill, we do advise that you bring a pair of shorts, or similar, with you, and also the shoes that you normally wear.

As with any medical assessment the first part will take the form of a case history, then your feet are examined. The Podiatrist will then watch and assess your movements: The interaction of joints, muscle and bones, in feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs and hip all affect both walking and posture.

After the Assessment

Sometimes, stretching and exercise advice are enough to prevent, or deal with, the problem. If orthotics are found to be necessary, pre-formed orthotics, or insoles might be sufficient.


Our Very Competitive Prices

Biomechanic Assessment:- £80

Orthotics & Customised Orthotics: – from £15 to £68