3 interesting facts about sleep you might not have known


How much sleep do we really need? The science suggests: 9-11 hours for school children; 8-10 hours for teenagers; 7-9 hours for adults; Why is it important? To solidify and consolidate memory; Removal of toxic by-products from the brain – this occurs via the brain’s glymphatic (waste clearance) system; For cellular restoration; muscle repair, protein […]

Headaches in ‘Lockdown’


Can’t see your Osteopath for hands-on-treatment for headaches? Perhaps this might help…  Common causes of headaches: Dehydration; Excessive caffeine intake; Stress; Tension/Postural strains; Skipped meals; Lack of sleep or change in sleep patterns; and Alcohol consumption…  What can you do? Make sure you are drinking enough fluids. If you are working from home, try keeping […]