Animal Crossing Mindfulness

animal crossing

How Animal Crossing Helped Thousands in Lockdown This peaceful world of Animal Crossing, featuring cute animal characters has provided a sanctuary and safe haven for those who, wanted to escape the pandemic nightmare. Here at The Richards’ Centre in Crawley, some people have been telling us about a new soothing game that helps with mindfulness […]

3 interesting facts about sleep you might not have known


How much sleep do we really need? The science suggests: 9-11 hours for school children; 8-10 hours for teenagers; 7-9 hours for adults; Why is it important? To solidify and consolidate memory; Removal of toxic by-products from the brain – this occurs via the brain’s glymphatic (waste clearance) system; For cellular restoration; muscle repair, protein […]

MINDFULNESS: how to relieve tense, aching muscles


Mindfulness: our mind and our body are inextricably linked. If you are feeling anxious about the current situation, or at any time when you are feeling worried, you may also experience this in your body. Greater tension in our muscles can lead to an achy pain, most likely around your neck and shoulders or maybe […]

Making the most of your one hour of exercise during lockdown


Although not everyone will be able to get outside and exercise at the moment (maybe we’ll address this another time), here are some hints for those who can make the most of your hour. Firstly, just getting into the sunlight is important because it helps you to produce Vitamin D in your body. Why is […]