How to avoid sports injuries

sport injuries

Golden Rules to Reduce the Chances of Sports Injuries How to Avoid Sports Injuries? Begin slowly and build up, especially after sports injuries Warm up first, and then warm down with stretches afterwards. You are less likely to injure a muscle if it is warmed up, and warming down will help the muscle to flush […]

Started Running During ‘Lockdown’?


New running aches and pains and can’t see your Osteopath? Or just looking for some tips? Then read on below! What can you do? Walk before you run (literally!). If you are someone who used to do very few steps daily (less than 5000 steps per day for example), it would be sensible for you […]

Making the most of your one hour of exercise during lockdown


Although not everyone will be able to get outside and exercise at the moment (maybe we’ll address this another time), here are some hints for those who can make the most of your hour. Firstly, just getting into the sunlight is important because it helps you to produce Vitamin D in your body. Why is […]