Aching or painful feet, knees or backs shouldn’t be endured as an inevitable part of everyday life. Relief could be simply provided by foot orthotics  

Biomechanics is the science of human movement

It’s rare to find someone whose bones and ligaments are  balanced ‘equally’ on both sides of the body, for this reason we all walk in a different way (Gait) When we stand, walk or run our body copes by compensating for these differences. Over time muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons can become strained, inflamed or injured as they begin functioning in an irregular way.

The foot itself is a complex structure of 28 different bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles. When you’re ‘on your feet’ they literally carry your weight.

Every movement throughout the day, standing, walking, running or even sitting, affects how your weight is spread. The feet,  pelvis, hips,  legs and knees all play  a part, along with the associated the ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints.


Biomechanic Assessment

Looks at lower limb function, checking for abnormalities and compensations which could possibly be the cause of pain in the heel, knee, hip or back.

A detailed biomechanical assessmentwill take around 45 minutes and consists of three parts:-

  1. We take a full case history, which includes asking about previous injuries, operations etc together with current symptoms.
  2. This part is either standing, or lying down and involves taking various specific measurements and muscle testing.
  3. In the final part, we check how you walk, checking how muscles etc,  interact as you move during walking. 
  • For the assessment please wear either shorts or lycra type leggings, so we can closely monitor movements

Once your problem is identified, we can we develop your individual treatment plan to improve symptoms.

This may include one or more of the following:

  • An individual exercise programme to stretch or strengthen muscles
  • Orthotics, either off the shelf or a bespoke simple insole to wear inside your shoes to realign or cushion abnormalitiess.
  • Footwear advice
  • Referral on to other members of the healthcare team if further specialist advice is needed.

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