COVID 19.Appointment information

We are now open to see patients for Osteopathy. Next week Chiropody will be available too

  • We are doing all we can to keep everyone safe

  • If you book by phone we will send an invoice for payment through ‘Stripe’, before the appointment (We have made a price adjustment of £2 due to PPE costs)
  • We will accept the correct amount in cash, in an envelope 
  • Extra time has been allowed for cleaning, between appointments
  • Please wait in your car until the time of your appointment, this avoids issues with ‘social distancing’ of 2 metres
  • If you arrive by other means please try to come in at the time of your appointment. We do have extra emergency seating if more than 2 people arrive, but we would rather not use it
  • We no longer have cushioned seat pads in reception, so the seats are hard!
  • We provide basic masks, but by all means bring your own, if you prefer
  • We have both hand sanitizer and Clinell wipes in reception for your use
  • The bathroom will only be available for emergencies
  • Treatment couches no longer have the soft velvet covers so please bring a towel to lie on during treatment
  • We have special pillow protectors we can wipe clean after each patient
  • Rest assured we are doing everything we can to keep you safe 

Reception is open as normal

Our popular Video appointments for Osteopathy & Homeopathy are still available

Book Your Video Appointment

Information for Audio-Visual Online Appointments

Appointments are booked via our Cliniko booking system. They have integrated secure links for Video and Payment (Telehealth and Stripe) as well as Exercise videos through Rehab my Patient

Book through the website:

Choose  ‘Video’ Location, then select time and practitioner.

Payment is made at the time of booking.

Appointment Confirmation emailed to you, with a link to join the meeting.

At the time of  your appointment, click the link, your meeting will start.

Your call will consist of a video and audio conversation with your Osteopath to include:

* full in-depth case history
* discussion of any previous scan, blood test results etc
* visual and active movement tests (via video facilities)
* complete evaluation of your current situation
* discussion of findings and a working diagnosis
* lifestyle and adaptation advice
* self massage, stretch or simple exercises
* and possibly an individual rehab exercise prescription

Before your appointment, a few tips :

* Make sure you you are in a well-lit space, light on your face, not behind you
* Please have at least a metre behind you where we can do an examination
* If your Osteopath needs to check the affected area, you might have to remove some clothing. If your prefer not to, please let them know, so an alternative can be suggested 
* Prop up your phone/tab or laptop so your range of movement can be checked
* You will need to allow access to both your microphone and camera when you click the appointment link
* If you have headphones with a mic that is better for sound quality and privacy, but if you don’t have one, that’s fine!


If you choose to see a Homeopath, it will be a consultation, just as normal, but through a secure video and audio Link

Remedies will be prescribed and sent as soon as the postal service allows

Book Your Video Appointment

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